Who Are We

Perfumery & Body Care Brand Essentially Opulent and Scentsationally Original

Anmer London envisions evocative emotions as inspiration behind its creative process - making it more universal and eternal. We conceive our products by combining potency of natural ingredients with modern science.

An essence of individuality at its heart, the Anmer experience strives to encompass the luxury of being you. With use of highest quality materials available, and high-end design aesthetics, Anmer signifies a renewed approach to modern luxury.

Redefining Sustainable Luxury

Anmer is envisioned as a step towards preserving our future. At the heart of our creative process lies a will to priortise our planet. The launch of our new bath and body range takes us on an eventful journey of sustainable luxury, and we don’t intend to stop. In a bid to challenging ourselves on sustainability front, we ended up using natural raw materials from a sustainable supply chain and increasing our use of Fair trade materials. All of our packaging is FSC certified and recyclable, and we challenge ourselves to produce items that can have a sustainable after-life. All Anmer products are vegan, free from phthalates, artificial colorants, parabens, formaldehydes and SLS free.

Our Philosophy

We pride ourselves in being ardent expressionists. We believe in the power of expressionism to arouse distinct responses to events or objects within someone. Our keen love for aesthetics lies at the heart of our creations. Our philosophy inspires and drives us to ensure individualism even in familiarity.

Anmer London has been launched with a vision to reinvent the concept of sustainable luxury via a new approach, where creation is led by keeping emotions and our environment in mind.

Our Promise

To create powerful compositions that evoke distinct responses. With a keen love for aesthetics lies at the heart of our creations, we are committed to using natural botanicals to concoct unique compositions.

Our each and every product carries a pledge that we never compromise on the safety and effectiveness of our products. Strict international safety regulations are observed during the product formulation process. At our world-class laboratory, our scientific experts explore new ingredients, technologies, testing methods, and formulation techniques. We readily go the extra mile to give you the best experience, even if it means years of research to develop a single product.

Our promise to provide the best for your skin includes absolute care to exclude several harmful chemicals and toxins. Anmer is more than its decadent bodycare and perfumery brand, it is also about the emotional connection with the customer who chooses Anmer for a heartfelt experience.